Weight Training Exercise

Lets face it how many of us 100 percent happy with our bodies and how many of us feel great about our bodies when we walk along the beach on our vacation. There’s that wobbly bit around our middle that hangs over our swin shorts and the flabby upper arms. The butt, now we all want the perfect tight sexy one but has it started to sag on its journey south.None of these sound great do they, so why do we accept them.

Well lets do something about it, but lets forget those fad diets we all know that they don’t work. Yes we might have short term results with a fad diet but the dreaded fat always returns. We need to sort out the fat with a proper strategy, one that will last and one that will be ongoing for that enviable firm lean healthy body that we all yearn for.  There is a right way to your perfect body. The right way will tone up your muscles, make them firmer and stronger and burn that unwanted fat that seems to respond to nothing. The other important benefit is that you get healthier in the process. The right way is a mixture of cardio and weight training. Now some people dismiss weight training because they think of the big muscle bodies that compete in bodybuilding competitions.

Weight training doesn’t have to be about big muscles, but there is nothing wrong with big muscles if you are into body building. If you want weight training can be about toned firm muscles. There are many ways to combine cardio with weight training and it doesn’t have to be a chore, you can enjoy your workouts and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle while looking great into the bargain. No more wobbly bits hanging out, no more lack of energy and no more struggling to get into your favourite clothes that you seem to have out grown.  Make the commitment to yourself that you will get fit, firm, lean and healthy and wave goodbye to those wobbly bits forever.

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