Finding the Right Balance As You Grow Older

Ok, be honest! Most of you believe that as you grow older there’s nothing you can do about the aging process, right?


There’s so much you can do and it’s up to YOU to find the right balance between exercising and being on a healthy diet that will optimize your vigor and vitality, even as you age!

Don’t put up with feeling achy and having painful joints, do something about it!

Start walking every day, do some stretching exercises, take up yoga or Pilates, or ask someone about strength training exercises. Check the internet, ask for information from your doctor, or check out the local gym. These are all places you can get the information you need to start a healthy lifestyle change that will help you stay fit, healthy, and energized; even as you get into your 60’s and 70’s.

Just because you are approaching your golden years, why settle for gaining weight and getting stodgy?

You don’t have to. Same as the exercise regimen, either get the facts on the internet, check with your doctor, or check with the local gym. Each person has different needs and each person is able to do different things daily to be happy with the lifestyle they choose.

The “normal” advice fits everyone; you know what I mean, follow the food groups, eat less fat and junk and concentrate on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and dairy products.

Everyone can walk! Start with that and build up your routine so you are taking a brisk mile or two walk every day (get a few friends to join you and make it more enjoyable). Do you have stairs inside your home? Take a trip up and down that staircase a few times each day and build up to 10 times or more each day.

Stretching! This is a wonderful exercise for everyone, no matter what age you are. A good stretching regimen will enable you to stay limber and agile and definitely helps the joints stay smooth. This should be done daily.

Yoga, Pilates, swimming, or strength training should be incorporated, but at a pace that works for you. Each person will have their own “balance” of what works for them and how much time you want to devote to your body to stay strong, agile, and healthy.

Don’t make excuses and don’t let yourself get in the habit of slacking off. This is YOUR health we are talking about. Why settle for “feeling” old when you get to your mature years? Your body adapts to what you have it do, whether it’s exercise to build your body up to a good fitness level or letting it get bloated, achy, and stodgy because you “think” that’s what you have to do as you get older.

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