Exercise & Fitness For Beginners

I can’t meet the expenses of it. Think again! Read these facts and you’ll realize what a fool you have bee along. Here’re 5 exercise options which range from extremely expensive to totally free.

i) Five sessions each week with some top-notch personal trainer at your ‘personal’ home gym. Dude, you can go for this option if money is no issue. You will get solid results, providing your trainer has the experience, expertise, proven track records and referrals. Your total cost = Training – £240 to £400 (per week). Setting up the gym can take £1000+.

ii) Run your own training studio and you will need to attend some weekly sessions working sincerely with a personal trainer who’ll help you with each area of health or fitness. This would include weekly training bouts of workouts. Your total cost = £60 to £100 per week.

iii) Get a membership in your neighborhood gym – There you’ll have some gym instructors giving you valuable advice on the way you can use equipments. They will also tell you about the best diet. But here is a word of caution. Most gym instructors have only basic level of training. Anyway, your total cost = £5 to £25 per week.

iv) The forth option is to get yourself some useful pieces of exercise equipments. Good examples are skipping ropes, a pair of boxing gloves or pads, a set of barbell and dumbbells. This could be complemented by a pull up bar. Those are pretty cheap and can help you develop your own well rounded work out program. Your total cost will depend on the initial expenses. But that’s all. There are no costs involved onwards.

v) Finally, it’s you and your floor! There’s nothing wrong if you work out with no equipment. Rather, some renowned personal trainers perform a large part of their workout routine without using any kind of equipment. Good examples are typical press ups, normal squats, lunges or reverse lunges and burpees etc. With these, you can try some elimination diet to see how much you can proceed. Your total cost = £0!

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