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Weight Training Exercise

Lets face it how many of us 100 percent happy with our bodies and how many of us feel great about our bodies when we walk along the beach on our vacation. There’s that wobbly bit around our middle that hangs over our swin shorts and the flabby upper arms. The butt, now we all want the perfect tight sexy one but has it started to sag on its journey south.None of these sound great do they, so why do we accept them.

Well lets do something about it, but lets forget those fad diets we all know that they don’t work. Yes we might have short term results with a fad diet but the dreaded fat always returns. We need to sort out the fat with a proper strategy, one that will last and one that will be ongoing for that enviable firm lean healthy body that we all yearn for.  There is a right way to your perfect body. The right way will tone up your muscles, make them firmer and stronger and burn that unwanted fat that seems to respond to nothing. The other important benefit is that you get healthier in the process. The right way is a mixture of cardio and weight training. Now some people dismiss weight training because they think of the big muscle bodies that compete in bodybuilding competitions.

Weight training doesn’t have to be about big muscles, but there is nothing wrong with big muscles if you are into body building. If you want weight training can be about toned firm muscles. There are many ways to combine cardio with weight training and it doesn’t have to be a chore, you can enjoy your workouts and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle while looking great into the bargain. No more wobbly bits hanging out, no more lack of energy and no more struggling to get into your favourite clothes that you seem to have out grown.  Make the commitment to yourself that you will get fit, firm, lean and healthy and wave goodbye to those wobbly bits forever.

Physical Exercise, Fitness

All of us suspect that there is a close relation between sexual performance and a systematic physical exercise regime. We will see hereunder why this is absolutely true, focusing mainly on the three more fundamental reasons.

This article is mainly addressed to men but there is some interest for women too.

1. A carefully trained body will elicit a distinctly better sexual response from your mate. You will be treated specially and will be lavishly rewarded for your patience and efforts. This will maximize your sexual pleasure. But there is something more: action will be bring the befitting reaction and the benefit will be mutual! I will never claim that a well trained body is the utmost criterion as far as it regards sex. There are other things,much more important for a steady,intimate relationship. But a trained body has a word to say, too!

2. High sexual performance will demand:

– Endurance and high levels of energy so as the erotic play can last for hours rather than minutes. Since men play the protagonistic roll – at least in Greece – they should possess the necessary stamina.
– Speed which will be necessary for the various crescendos.
– Strength which is needed to hold oneself in the right position for long spans of time and for the right penetration.
– And finally flexibility for adding more options to the sexual ritual.

3. Physical exercise and a well trained body will make you feel more sexy and help you achieve a better quality in your sexual performance. This is a powerful psychological factor! Physical exercise will help men have a better sex through their whole life span. Do not forget about the ever increasing number of impotency problems,even among young men! Whether they are due to psychological or functional

The Perfect Exercise Fit For Every Lifestyle

You have been trying to stay in shape, get back into shape and/or generally lead a healthier lifestyle; you may have bought an exercise machine or even joined a gym. So how come the gym membership has just turned into another bill and the treadmill is serving as a silent butler, with piles of laundry hanging on it? The truth is that exercise machines are boring and gym memberships are expensive (especially if you’re not using them). Why not try and enjoy the many benefits of walking – the perfect exercise!

We all live in a society which basically has eradicated any form of natural exercise which could be beneficial to us. Think about it: We basically live in our cars! We run our errands by entering drive-through restaurants, post offices and what not. You can’t simply walk to the corner store to pick up a few items, anymore. Our whole infrastructure is designed based upon the automobile and we are programmed to use it whenever possible. If you want to exercise you can drive to the gym. How ironic!

However, walking is an exercise most anyone can do. It does not cost anything and does not require special equipment to reap the benefits of walking. Walking is by far the easiest exercise and can be incorporated into any daily routine. Walking briskly 30 minutes a day, five times a week is all you need as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

Walking is probably also the safest, natural form of exercise you can do. To walk most effectively, if you want to lose weight, is to alternate between intervals of slow, moderate and fast speeds during your walking session. That gives you a good cardio workout and will keep your body burning calories long after you are done walking. This walking technique is called Power Walking. Don’t forget about warming up if your walk is to contain strenuous paces to prevent injury.

You may wonder about the amount of calories burnt while walking?
The short answer is that a person burns between 80 and 100 calories per mile walked, depending on the terrain and the pace.

If you want to walk just to relax, don’t regard your walk as exercise, per se. Try to unwind and let your mind and body relax! Enjoy the sights and sounds which surround you. Take the time to take in nature: enjoy the landscape, the sound of wildlife and the fresh air! Of course it would be best if you can walk in a park setting to get the most out of your walk.

Here are some of the benefits of walking (in no particular order):


  • improves your mobility, and increases your energy level.
  • decreases your stress level.
  • is a great way to lower blood pressure bad cholesterol.
  • is a low impact exercise.
  • helps prevent obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
  • helps you lose weight.
  • is a motivator, a “gateway exercise”. Walking gets your blood flowing and makes you want to exercise more.

Exercise, Fitness and Feeling Young

Living a healthy and active life is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well people who are busy usually become tied up and start feeling that now there is nothing for them to enjoy in life and they lose the enthusiasm to live life with zeal. For such people, exercising is like a big punishment. What they don’t understand is that exercise helps them to stay healthy and also shapes their body.

There are various programs designed for people of all ages, which if carried out will help them relax their body and also prevent one from being susceptible to illnesses. By performing some stretching exercises, which is exclusively meant for health benefits, not only will you feel fit and active but also look ten years younger.

Age generally doesn’t dictate that you have grown older; it’s the mental state, which gives you the feeling of being old. But it’s in your hands to fight this out and always look young and feel young. To look young you must feel young from inside and that will come only if you are healthy and fit and tennis lessons are a great option. You must also shed off those extra calories from your body and eat healthy nutritious food that will provide energy to carry out your activities and will also maintain the glow on your face.

Choosing fitness and exercise programs should be based on your interest. You can select any workout that gives you pleasure in pursuing it. If you love water and find it the best option then you can go in for water aerobics. Some programs like Hatha Yoga, which is gentle, weight training, cardio vascular exercises, abdominal/trunk strengthening, balancing, deep breathing and relaxation also can be pursued. By following these simple techniques you can increase your body flexibility and make your body feel strong, flexible and relaxed.

Essential Exercise & Fitness Tips

For those beginners or even the seasoned veterans who need a refresher. Here are some essential exercise and fitness tips for before, during and after your workout.

Before Your Workout

Listen to Your Body… Any strains, pains or aches from previous training days need to be looked at. It’s better to have a lighter workout or rest day than a 4 week injury.

Carb Load… Should your next routine be a vigorous one then fuel up on carbohydrate for the extra energy you’ll need.

Let Your Stomach Settle… Make sure any pre-workout meal is eaten at least an hour preferably 2 hours before your workout.

Check Equipment… If you run and your shoes are worn out buy new ones, if you lift weights ensure the weights are secure.

Get a Training Partner… This will make your workout more enjoyable, you’ve got someone to challenge you and for weight training a spotter.

Warm Up… Prepare the specific muscles you’ll be using for the activity ahead. If it’s running then jog for 10 mins. If it’s weight training then do some light reps.

Stretch… Some fitness routines have specific stretches you can do to prepare your body for the range of motion ahead. Stretching will also help prevent injury.

During Your Workout

Keep Hydrated… Especially in the gym or on a hot day, you’ll need far more than the recommended 8 by 8 ounces. Drink often and use your thirst as a gauge.

Use Sports/ Carb Drinks… For workouts longer than 45 minutes your body will need some of it’s energy replaced.

Use Good Technique… In whatever you do, this will allow you to get the most out of your fitness efforts.

Listen to Your Body… How you feel is paramount, is your workout easier or harder than normal? Feel free to adapt. Also watch for any aches and pains particularly those in the chest area.

Use a Heart Rate Monitor… For cardiovascular fitness it’s the ultimate tool to gauge your intensity and progress and it never lies! For resistance training use it to see that the body is fully rested between sets.

Enjoy It… Whatever activity you do, whether it’s your great ability! or the competing, get something out of it.

Vary Your Routine… Vary the intensity, time and location. Explore your potential for the activity.

After Your Workout

Cool Down… Your muscles and cardiovascular system need a gradual slow down. Take 10 minutes at 20% intensity of the activity you’ve just done.

Massage & Spa… This helps any tired and aching muscles by clearing lactic acid and speeds recovery.

Record Your Progress… Keep track of what you do to train for a competition or just to record your achievements.

Listen to Your Body… Always! Get use to how your body feels post workout so you can distinguish between an ache and something more serious.

Increase Protein Intake… Especially after a hard workout particularly resistance training. Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and your body needs lots of it.

Exercise Fitting it Into Your Busy Schedule

We all know the importance of exercise. If you don’t know the importance of exercise, here is a quick refresher: Exercise gives us…
Increased energy, improved mood, decreased risk of incidents such as heart attack or stroke, decreased risk of conditions such as depression, diabetes and hypertension, increased life expectancy, overall, improvement of physical, mental and emotional health.

In other words, exercise keeps the body functioning properly. It is clear that we need it. What isn’t always as clear is how we get it. Many of us struggle with health because exercise just isn’t part of our routine. Let’s discuss ways to make it part of your routine so that you can enjoy the benefits of good health.

First let’s take a look back in time. If we go back 100 years, it will bring us to the year 1910. Things are a little different here in the United States. The difference we will focus on is the typical work day. If we were around 100 years ago, we would all have a job that involved physical labor. Some of us would be farmers and have to work the land all day every day in order to produce food for ourselves and others. The rest of us would be in construction or manufacturing jobs that required us to use our bodies to lift and move all day in order to build products.

So what did we do for exercise? That is a trick question, because we didn’t actually do anything for “exercise” until it was invented later in the century. That’s right, 100 years ago; exercise was not something we did because we wanted to be healthy. Exercise was simply part of our lives. We had to move in order to make a living. Now we have to make time in order to get enough exercise for moderate health.

It is no wonder exercise is difficult to fit in. Our careers keep us indoors, seated for much of the day and those days we work are typically longer than what the average worker put in 100 years ago. We have progressed with technology, allowing us to accomplish more with less physical effort. This is great for industry, but it is not so great for our bodies.

So what can you do? Great question, there are many ways to get more active despite your busy schedule. The list below should help you make exercise more realistic and help you get more active:

Make time

While it is easier said than done, you can do it if you focus on the words used here. Making time is completely different from finding time. By finding time or looking for time what we are doing is thinking about exercise. We are saying that it is a good idea, but we don’t have time…at least we don’t have enough time to set any aside.

Make an appointment

What do you do when something is important? You write it down. What do you do when have an important meeting at work? You put in on your calendar. This works to keep us all on track in our careers and it can keep us on track with our health as well. Think about it, you wouldn’t be too busy to go to a meeting with your boss or to an appointment with a client. If you put this type of priority on exercise, you would stick to it the very same way. It may not seem as important in the short term, but when you consider what exercise does for you, it really should be on your calendar.

Make it easy

Making it easy is possible. By doing some little things, you can make your routine easy. For example: putting your gym bag in the car you can eliminate a trip home and make an after work workout much more realistic. Or, by keeping a pair of shoes at your desk, going for a quick walk during lunch is now less of a challenge.
Make it happen

If you have time set aside to do something, do you do it? When you have an important appointment, do you keep it? If exercise was easy, what would stop you from doing it? All of these steps can make exercise more realistic for you. Think of the reasons that you don’t get enough or that make it more difficult to stick with exercise. Once you have looked at the challenges you can begin to devise a plan. Now think of the reasons that you do or want to exercise. When you are setting goals, it is important to think about why you are setting the goal. The more you want something, the more likely you are to achieve it. Think of the importance of your health and all of the good things that come along with getting more exercise. With those things in mind and the above steps in place, getting and keeping a good routine going is well within your reach.

Exercise & Fitness For Beginners

I can’t meet the expenses of it. Think again! Read these facts and you’ll realize what a fool you have bee along. Here’re 5 exercise options which range from extremely expensive to totally free.

i) Five sessions each week with some top-notch personal trainer at your ‘personal’ home gym. Dude, you can go for this option if money is no issue. You will get solid results, providing your trainer has the experience, expertise, proven track records and referrals. Your total cost = Training – £240 to £400 (per week). Setting up the gym can take £1000+.

ii) Run your own training studio and you will need to attend some weekly sessions working sincerely with a personal trainer who’ll help you with each area of health or fitness. This would include weekly training bouts of workouts. Your total cost = £60 to £100 per week.

iii) Get a membership in your neighborhood gym – There you’ll have some gym instructors giving you valuable advice on the way you can use equipments. They will also tell you about the best diet. But here is a word of caution. Most gym instructors have only basic level of training. Anyway, your total cost = £5 to £25 per week.

iv) The forth option is to get yourself some useful pieces of exercise equipments. Good examples are skipping ropes, a pair of boxing gloves or pads, a set of barbell and dumbbells. This could be complemented by a pull up bar. Those are pretty cheap and can help you develop your own well rounded work out program. Your total cost will depend on the initial expenses. But that’s all. There are no costs involved onwards.

v) Finally, it’s you and your floor! There’s nothing wrong if you work out with no equipment. Rather, some renowned personal trainers perform a large part of their workout routine without using any kind of equipment. Good examples are typical press ups, normal squats, lunges or reverse lunges and burpees etc. With these, you can try some elimination diet to see how much you can proceed. Your total cost = £0!

Flat Stomach Exercises

Engaging your body in exercises is one sure way by which you can get flat stomach. However, there are ways of doing these exercises that will guarantee that you get flat tummy as soon as possible, but there are others that don’t help at all; in fact, they only make things worse. The following ways of doing exercises should be avoided if you want to get faster results in your quest for a flat and firm stomach.

“Fitness For Beginners”

You must not be engaging your body in cardiovascular exercises continuously for a long time. You may not really get the best result through this process. On the other hand, you need to do interval cardio activities to get better results. This will entail that you do a little bit of running, a little bit of jogging or a little bit of cycling at intervals of some minutes. You are sure to burn off more unwanted fats in the process.

If you are performing crunches or sit ups in the process of getting rid of fats in your abdomen, the activity should not be done with low intensity. Instead, you have to exert yourself with more intensity so that the muscles of your abdomen will be toned up or strengthened readily. If you step up the intensity with which you perform abdomen-targeted exercises, in less than 3 weeks, you are sure of having a flat stomach.

Another system of exercising you must avoid in the process of getting a flat tummy is concentrating only on abdominal exercises. If you carry out workout on the entire body you will burn fats more quickly than ever. So, ensure that every part of your body is engaged in the workouts for a flat stomach.

You must also avoid exercising your body with gadgets and machines. Natural workouts without the aid of machines will help you to develop flesh muscles and burn body fats speedily.

These are some ways of doing fitness exercise you must avoid if you really want to get a flat stomach very quickly and fast.

Best Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking for weight loss tips exercise then you’ve come to the right place and in this article we are going to look at certain exercises which will help you immensely for losing weight in a natural and quick manner.

When it comes to going to gym for lifting weights or general exercises then you must know as to what exactly you’re getting into. It will be better to consult your trainer first before following any exercise regimen. Don’t ignore this step otherwise you’ll come to know after exercising for several weeks that all your efforts were in vain and you’ve ended up gaining weight instead of the contrary.

In addition to doing regular gym exercises you must also remember that it is always better to follow a cardiovascular program as well. This is because a cardio session will give your body the required flexibility so as to benefit from your weight loss program to a maximum extent. A cardio workout also increases the metabolic rate of your body while you’re doing the exercise itself. This will ensure fast fat burning while at gym. In fact, several weight loss trainers suggest doing a low intensity cardio work out before breakfast. This must be done on an empty stomach for about forty five minutes for maximum results. Such a low intensity cardio (75-80% of your maximum) session is great for quick weight loss.

Another area where you must focus while working out for weight loss is the toning of muscles. Toning is basically done to lose fat from arms and legs and hence it will basically eliminate unwanted fat and provide muscle strength. Additionally, toning also provides a nice muscle shape. Remember there are different exercises to be followed for toning and building muscles.

When it comes to toning of muscles, you must focus on performing high number of repetitions with a low weight. Conversely, when it comes to increasing the size of muscle then you must center on low reps with high weight. In both the cases, the same principle is applied for any part of the body, be it arms, legs, or back. Again you must consult your trainer before moving from toning of muscles to increasing their size.

Improve Sexual Performance Through Exercise

Men who worry about their “bedtime performance” should practice good sexual fitness, a process which involves engaging in regular exercise – or ‘sexercise,’ if you will. The man who likes to ensure appropriate penis care should welcome the opportunity to strengthen his member as well as other parts of the body which play an essential role in sexual activity. A word of caution: as in all things related to exercise, a man should take care and know his limits. He also should check with his doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

It’s not all about the penis.

Look, all men know that when it comes to sex, the penis is the star of the show, and it’s true that many exercise do focus on one’s manhood; however, a comprehensive sexual fitness program takes a more “total body” approach. The supporting players have to be able to provide valuable support to the star, or else there’s no show.

That said, this article will begin with the penis but then move on to the other players in short order.

The penis and his Kegels

Kegels are the king of penis exercises. They are performed using the pubococcygeus muscle, often just called the PC.

How to find the PC

The PC attaches to the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone (also called the coccyx) in back. The PC is most often used to stop or release the flow of urine. If a man is urinating and then needs to stop, he squeezes the PC, and it contracts, shutting off the flow until he is ready to release it again.

As it happens, the PC is good for more than just controlling urinary flow. A strong PC translates into a strong penis. Studies indicate that a strong PC can play a role in obtaining stronger erections; helping a man to prolong the time it takes to reach ejaculation; aiding in stronger penis thrusting; and may even help with prostate issues.

Kegel exercises, named after the doctor who first developed them, involve contracting and releasing the PC. There are dozens of variations, but a common beginning Kegel exercise routine follows:

  • Contract and hold the PC in a contracted state for 5 seconds; release for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat five-ten times.
  • Repeat three times a day.

As one’s PC becomes stronger, the length and number of repetitions can be increased.

Upper body strength

Good upper body strength is essential for an active partner-based sex life, especially if a man is going to be in the missionary position in heterosexual relationships or a “top” in homosexual relationships. If a guy’s arms are weak, he’s not going to be able to hold himself up properly.

Push-ups are an ideal way to help build strength in the arms. If a man is not up to doing traditional push-ups, he can start with wall push-ups (placing hands against the wall, arms straight out, feet firmly planted, then bending arms in and straightening them out). For those with decent upper body strength, chin-ups can be used to present a greater challenge.

Get hip.

Intercourse involves a significant amount of intense hip action: men need to be able to thrust powerfully and deeply.

Lunges are an effective way to exercise the hips. Stand with one foot about 18 inches forward of the other. Bend the knees slightly, then push forward with the pelvis until you feel a good, definite stretch. Hold it for 30 seconds, then relax for 5 second and repeat. Try to get in five-ten repetitions initially and work up to as many as possible. These are the most important exercises, but it doesn’t hurt to work on strengthening abdominals and back muscles as well.