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Best Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking for weight loss tips exercise then you’ve come to the right place and in this article we are going to look at certain exercises which will help you immensely for losing weight in a natural and quick manner.

When it comes to going to gym for lifting weights or general exercises then you must know as to what exactly you’re getting into. It will be better to consult your trainer first before following any exercise regimen. Don’t ignore this step otherwise you’ll come to know after exercising for several weeks that all your efforts were in vain and you’ve ended up gaining weight instead of the contrary.

In addition to doing regular gym exercises you must also remember that it is always better to follow a cardiovascular program as well. This is because a cardio session will give your body the required flexibility so as to benefit from your weight loss program to a maximum extent. A cardio workout also increases the metabolic rate of your body while you’re doing the exercise itself. This will ensure fast fat burning while at gym. In fact, several weight loss trainers suggest doing a low intensity cardio work out before breakfast. This must be done on an empty stomach for about forty five minutes for maximum results. Such a low intensity cardio (75-80% of your maximum) session is great for quick weight loss.

Another area where you must focus while working out for weight loss is the toning of muscles. Toning is basically done to lose fat from arms and legs and hence it will basically eliminate unwanted fat and provide muscle strength. Additionally, toning also provides a nice muscle shape. Remember there are different exercises to be followed for toning and building muscles.

When it comes to toning of muscles, you must focus on performing high number of repetitions with a low weight. Conversely, when it comes to increasing the size of muscle then you must center on low reps with high weight. In both the cases, the same principle is applied for any part of the body, be it arms, legs, or back. Again you must consult your trainer before moving from toning of muscles to increasing their size.

Improve Sexual Performance Through Exercise

Men who worry about their “bedtime performance” should practice good sexual fitness, a process which involves engaging in regular exercise – or ‘sexercise,’ if you will. The man who likes to ensure appropriate penis care should welcome the opportunity to strengthen his member as well as other parts of the body which play an essential role in sexual activity. A word of caution: as in all things related to exercise, a man should take care and know his limits. He also should check with his doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

It’s not all about the penis.

Look, all men know that when it comes to sex, the penis is the star of the show, and it’s true that many exercise do focus on one’s manhood; however, a comprehensive sexual fitness program takes a more “total body” approach. The supporting players have to be able to provide valuable support to the star, or else there’s no show.

That said, this article will begin with the penis but then move on to the other players in short order.

The penis and his Kegels

Kegels are the king of penis exercises. They are performed using the pubococcygeus muscle, often just called the PC.

How to find the PC

The PC attaches to the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone (also called the coccyx) in back. The PC is most often used to stop or release the flow of urine. If a man is urinating and then needs to stop, he squeezes the PC, and it contracts, shutting off the flow until he is ready to release it again.

As it happens, the PC is good for more than just controlling urinary flow. A strong PC translates into a strong penis. Studies indicate that a strong PC can play a role in obtaining stronger erections; helping a man to prolong the time it takes to reach ejaculation; aiding in stronger penis thrusting; and may even help with prostate issues.

Kegel exercises, named after the doctor who first developed them, involve contracting and releasing the PC. There are dozens of variations, but a common beginning Kegel exercise routine follows:

  • Contract and hold the PC in a contracted state for 5 seconds; release for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat five-ten times.
  • Repeat three times a day.

As one’s PC becomes stronger, the length and number of repetitions can be increased.

Upper body strength

Good upper body strength is essential for an active partner-based sex life, especially if a man is going to be in the missionary position in heterosexual relationships or a “top” in homosexual relationships. If a guy’s arms are weak, he’s not going to be able to hold himself up properly.

Push-ups are an ideal way to help build strength in the arms. If a man is not up to doing traditional push-ups, he can start with wall push-ups (placing hands against the wall, arms straight out, feet firmly planted, then bending arms in and straightening them out). For those with decent upper body strength, chin-ups can be used to present a greater challenge.

Get hip.

Intercourse involves a significant amount of intense hip action: men need to be able to thrust powerfully and deeply.

Lunges are an effective way to exercise the hips. Stand with one foot about 18 inches forward of the other. Bend the knees slightly, then push forward with the pelvis until you feel a good, definite stretch. Hold it for 30 seconds, then relax for 5 second and repeat. Try to get in five-ten repetitions initially and work up to as many as possible. These are the most important exercises, but it doesn’t hurt to work on strengthening abdominals and back muscles as well.

Body Freedom Exercise

4 Freedoms Exercises

Reclaim your 4 Freedoms through awareness and action. Manifest the ideas you’ve just read about by engaging in these exercises. Delight your body, awaken your mind, open your heart, and free your soul. Exercises are organized under the following headings: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Integration. They are further divided into activities for experimenting on your own or with your partner. If you like, you can also do the solo practices at the same time as your partner does them. In addition, some partner exercises can be adapted for individual enjoyment-use your imagination. A note for all exercises: the pronouns he and she are used interchangeably throughout, meaning that the exercises are for both men and women unless specifically designated for male or female. Cultivate a sense of playfulness, experimentation, and adventure in your practice.

Exercises To Do On Your Own – Fit For Sex

PC Pumping-contracting and relaxing the pubococcygeous muscles in your genital area-is your most important exercise for physical sexual fitness. To first feel this muscle group, stop and start the flow when you are urinating.

PC Pumping has many benefits for both men and women, including:

  • preventing or relieving incontinence
  • keeping a healthy prostate
  • increasing frequency and strength of orgasm for women
  • strengthening erection capacity
  • delaying ejaculation

Time for Exercise: four minutes

Properties Required: none


  1. Inhale slowly through your nose.
  2. Count to five as you gently hold your breath.
  3. Exhale slowly through your nose.
  4. Inhale again and slowly tighten your PC muscles.
  5. Hold your breath for a count of five as you hold the PC contraction.
  6. As you slowly exhale, relax your PC muscles.
  7. Repeat 24 more times.

Endeavor to keep the rest of your body relaxed during your PC contraction.


You might find that, as you contract your PC muscles, other muscles tighten as well, such as your abdomen, shoulders, and buttocks. If you make PC Pumping a regular part of your life, you will gradually be able to stay relaxed while you contract specific muscles within the PC group. You can do PC Pumping anywhere and anytime, even while you are engaged in other activities such as driving, talking on the phone, or waiting in line. Build up to 100 or more PC squeezes per day.

Finding the Right Balance As You Grow Older

Ok, be honest! Most of you believe that as you grow older there’s nothing you can do about the aging process, right?


There’s so much you can do and it’s up to YOU to find the right balance between exercising and being on a healthy diet that will optimize your vigor and vitality, even as you age!

Don’t put up with feeling achy and having painful joints, do something about it!

Start walking every day, do some stretching exercises, take up yoga or Pilates, or ask someone about strength training exercises. Check the internet, ask for information from your doctor, or check out the local gym. These are all places you can get the information you need to start a healthy lifestyle change that will help you stay fit, healthy, and energized; even as you get into your 60’s and 70’s.

Just because you are approaching your golden years, why settle for gaining weight and getting stodgy?

You don’t have to. Same as the exercise regimen, either get the facts on the internet, check with your doctor, or check with the local gym. Each person has different needs and each person is able to do different things daily to be happy with the lifestyle they choose.

The “normal” advice fits everyone; you know what I mean, follow the food groups, eat less fat and junk and concentrate on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and dairy products.

Everyone can walk! Start with that and build up your routine so you are taking a brisk mile or two walk every day (get a few friends to join you and make it more enjoyable). Do you have stairs inside your home? Take a trip up and down that staircase a few times each day and build up to 10 times or more each day.

Stretching! This is a wonderful exercise for everyone, no matter what age you are. A good stretching regimen will enable you to stay limber and agile and definitely helps the joints stay smooth. This should be done daily.

Yoga, Pilates, swimming, or strength training should be incorporated, but at a pace that works for you. Each person will have their own “balance” of what works for them and how much time you want to devote to your body to stay strong, agile, and healthy.

Don’t make excuses and don’t let yourself get in the habit of slacking off. This is YOUR health we are talking about. Why settle for “feeling” old when you get to your mature years? Your body adapts to what you have it do, whether it’s exercise to build your body up to a good fitness level or letting it get bloated, achy, and stodgy because you “think” that’s what you have to do as you get older.