Weight Training Exercise

Lets face it how many of us 100 percent happy with our bodies and how many of us feel great about our bodies when we walk along the beach on our vacation. More »

Physical Exercise, Fitness

All of us suspect that there is a close relation between sexual performance and a systematic physical exercise regime. We will see hereunder why this is absolutely true, focusing mainly on the More »

The Perfect Exercise Fit For Every Lifestyle

You have been trying to stay in shape, get back into shape and/or generally lead a healthier lifestyle; you may have bought an exercise machine or even joined a gym. So how More »

Exercise, Fitness and Feeling Young

Living a healthy and active life is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well people who are busy usually become tied up and start feeling that now there is nothing for them to More »

Essential Exercise & Fitness Tips

For those beginners or even the seasoned veterans who need a refresher. Here are some essential exercise and fitness tips for before, during and after your workout. Before Your Workout Listen to More »

The Perfect Exercise Fit For Every Lifestyle

You have been trying to stay in shape, get back into shape and/or generally lead a healthier lifestyle; you may have bought an exercise machine or even joined a gym. So how come the gym membership has just turned into another bill and the treadmill is serving as a silent butler, with piles of laundry hanging on it? The truth is that exercise machines are boring and gym memberships are expensive (especially if you’re not using them). Why not try and enjoy the many benefits of walking – the perfect exercise!

We all live in a society which basically has eradicated any form of natural exercise which could be beneficial to us. Think about it: We basically live in our cars! We run our errands by entering drive-through restaurants, post offices and what not. You can’t simply walk to the corner store to pick up a few items, anymore. Our whole infrastructure is designed based upon the automobile and we are programmed to use it whenever possible. If you want to exercise you can drive to the gym. How ironic!


Flat Stomach Exercises

Engaging your body in exercises is one sure way by which you can get flat stomach. However, there are ways of doing these exercises that will guarantee that you get flat tummy as soon as possible, but there are others that don’t help at all; in fact, they only make things worse. The following ways of doing exercises should be avoided if you want to get faster results in your quest for a flat and firm stomach.

“Fitness For Beginners”

You must not be engaging your body in cardiovascular exercises continuously for a long time. You may not really get the best result through this process. On the other hand, you need to do interval cardio activities to get better results. This will entail that you do a little bit of running, a little bit of jogging or a little bit of cycling at intervals of some minutes. You are sure to burn off more unwanted fats in the process.

If you are performing crunches or sit ups in the process of getting rid

Focus on Exercise Fitness

In order to achieve results from any form of exercise, whether your aim is to shape and sculpt your body, build muscle-mass or simply for general fitness and energy. Exercises performed incorrectly or performed without prior knowledge as to ‘How many Reps?’, ‘How many Sets?’, ‘How much Rest in between exercises?’ or even knowing whether you are training the correct muscle/muscle group in order to reach your goals. Here is a basic guide  that hopefully dispels a few myths and sets you off on the right track…

Firstly, learning how to perform each exercise correctly is a must, this especially includes maintaining correct form throughout each and every movement. This ensures that you will avoid unnecessary strain and injury, as well as reassurance that the correct muscle are being targeted throughout each exercise. Taking some time out to understand exactly how an exercise works, definitely pays off in the long term training fitness and exercies.

Now, on to the reps & sets…

If your aim is to shape & sculpt your physique through exercise, then

Weight Training Exercise

Lets face it how many of us 100 percent happy with our bodies and how many of us feel great about our bodies when we walk along the beach on our vacation. There’s that wobbly bit around our middle that hangs over our swin shorts and the flabby upper arms. The butt, now we all want the perfect tight sexy one but has it started to sag on its journey south.None of these sound great do they, so why do we accept them.

Well lets do something about it, but lets forget those fad diets we all know that they don’t work. Yes we might have short term results with a fad diet but the dreaded fat always returns. We need to sort out the fat with a proper strategy, one that will last and one that will be ongoing for that enviable firm lean healthy body that we all yearn for.  There is a right way to your perfect body. The right way will tone up your muscles, make them firmer and stronger and burn that unwanted fat that seems to respond to nothing. The other important benefit is that you get

Physical Exercise, Fitness

All of us suspect that there is a close relation between sexual performance and a systematic physical exercise regime. We will see hereunder why this is absolutely true, focusing mainly on the three more fundamental reasons.

This article is mainly addressed to men but there is some interest for women too.

1. A carefully trained body will elicit a distinctly better sexual response from your mate. You will be treated specially and will be lavishly rewarded for your patience and efforts. This will maximize your sexual pleasure. But there is something more: action will be bring the befitting reaction and the benefit will be mutual! I will never claim that a well trained body is the utmost criterion as far as it regards sex. There are other things,much more important for a steady,intimate relationship. But a trained body has a word to say, too!

2. High sexual performance will demand:

– Endurance and high levels of energy so as the erotic play can last for hours rather than minutes. Since men play the protagonistic roll – at least in Greece – they should possess

Exercise, Fitness and Feeling Young

Living a healthy and active life is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well people who are busy usually become tied up and start feeling that now there is nothing for them to enjoy in life and they lose the enthusiasm to live life with zeal. For such people, exercising is like a big punishment. What they don’t understand is that exercise helps them to stay healthy and also shapes their body.

There are various programs designed for people of all ages, which if carried out will help them relax their body and also prevent one from being susceptible to illnesses. By performing some stretching exercises, which is exclusively meant for health benefits, not only will you feel fit and active but also look ten years younger.

Age generally doesn’t dictate that you have grown older; it’s the mental state, which gives you the feeling of being old. But it’s in your hands to fight this out and always look young and feel young. To look young you must feel young from inside and that will come only if you are healthy and fit and tennis lessons are a great option.

Essential Exercise & Fitness Tips

For those beginners or even the seasoned veterans who need a refresher. Here are some essential exercise and fitness tips for before, during and after your workout.

Before Your Workout

Listen to Your Body… Any strains, pains or aches from previous training days need to be looked at. It’s better to have a lighter workout or rest day than a 4 week injury.

Carb Load… Should your next routine be a vigorous one then fuel up on carbohydrate for the extra energy you’ll need.

Let Your Stomach Settle… Make sure any pre-workout meal is eaten at least an hour preferably 2 hours before your workout.

Check Equipment… If you run and your shoes are worn out buy new ones, if you lift weights ensure the weights are secure.

Get a Training Partner… This will make your workout more enjoyable, you’ve got someone to challenge you and for weight training a spotter.

Warm Up… Prepare the specific muscles you’ll be using for the activity ahead. If it’s running then jog for 10 mins. If it’s weight

Exercise Fitting it Into Your Busy Schedule

We all know the importance of exercise. If you don’t know the importance of exercise, here is a quick refresher: Exercise gives us…
Increased energy, improved mood, decreased risk of incidents such as heart attack or stroke, decreased risk of conditions such as depression, diabetes and hypertension, increased life expectancy, overall, improvement of physical, mental and emotional health.

In other words, exercise keeps the body functioning properly. It is clear that we need it. What isn’t always as clear is how we get it. Many of us struggle with health because exercise just isn’t part of our routine. Let’s discuss ways to make it part of your routine so that you can enjoy the benefits of good health.

First let’s take a look back in time. If we go back 100 years, it will bring us to the year 1910. Things are a little different here in the United States. The difference we will focus on is the typical work day. If we were around 100 years ago, we would all have a job that involved physical labor. Some of us would be farmers and have to work the land

Exercise & Fitness For Beginners

I can’t meet the expenses of it. Think again! Read these facts and you’ll realize what a fool you have bee along. Here’re 5 exercise options which range from extremely expensive to totally free.

i) Five sessions each week with some top-notch personal trainer at your ‘personal’ home gym. Dude, you can go for this option if money is no issue. You will get solid results, providing your trainer has the experience, expertise, proven track records and referrals. Your total cost = Training – £240 to £400 (per week). Setting up the gym can take £1000+.

ii) Run your own training studio and you will need to attend some weekly sessions working sincerely with a personal trainer who’ll help you with each area of health or fitness. This would include weekly training bouts of workouts. Your total cost = £60 to £100 per week.

iii) Get a membership in your neighborhood gym – There you’ll have some gym instructors giving you valuable advice on the way you can use equipments. They will also tell you about the best diet. But here is a word of caution. Most

Best Weight Loss Tips

If you’re looking for weight loss tips exercise then you’ve come to the right place and in this article we are going to look at certain exercises which will help you immensely for losing weight in a natural and quick manner.

When it comes to going to gym for lifting weights or general exercises then you must know as to what exactly you’re getting into. It will be better to consult your trainer first before following any exercise regimen. Don’t ignore this step otherwise you’ll come to know after exercising for several weeks that all your efforts were in vain and you’ve ended up gaining weight instead of the contrary.

In addition to doing regular gym exercises you must also remember that it is always better to follow a cardiovascular program as well. This is because a cardio session will give your body the required flexibility so as to benefit from your weight loss program to a maximum extent. A cardio workout also increases the metabolic rate of your body while you’re doing the exercise itself. This will ensure fast fat burning while at gym. In fact, several weight loss trainers suggest doing a

Improve Sexual Performance Through Exercise

Men who worry about their “bedtime performance” should practice good sexual fitness, a process which involves engaging in regular exercise – or ‘sexercise,’ if you will. The man who likes to ensure appropriate penis care should welcome the opportunity to strengthen his member as well as other parts of the body which play an essential role in sexual activity. A word of caution: as in all things related to exercise, a man should take care and know his limits. He also should check with his doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

It’s not all about the penis.

Look, all men know that when it comes to sex, the penis is the star of the show, and it’s true that many exercise do focus on one’s manhood; however, a comprehensive sexual fitness program takes a more “total body” approach. The supporting players have to be able to provide valuable support to the star, or else there’s no show.

That said, this article will begin with the penis but then move on to the other players in short order.

The penis and his Kegels

Kegels are the king of penis exercises. They are performed

Body Freedom Exercise

4 Freedoms Exercises

Reclaim your 4 Freedoms through awareness and action. Manifest the ideas you’ve just read about by engaging in these exercises. Delight your body, awaken your mind, open your heart, and free your soul. Exercises are organized under the following headings: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Integration. They are further divided into activities for experimenting on your own or with your partner. If you like, you can also do the solo practices at the same time as your partner does them. In addition, some partner exercises can be adapted for individual enjoyment-use your imagination. A note for all exercises: the pronouns he and she are used interchangeably throughout, meaning that the exercises are for both men and women unless specifically designated for male or female. Cultivate a sense of playfulness, experimentation, and adventure in your practice.

Exercises To Do On Your Own – Fit For Sex

PC Pumping-contracting and relaxing the pubococcygeous muscles in your genital area-is your most important exercise for physical sexual fitness. To first feel this muscle group, stop and start the flow when you are urinating.

PC Pumping has many benefits for both men and women, including:

Finding the Right Balance As You Grow Older

Ok, be honest! Most of you believe that as you grow older there’s nothing you can do about the aging process, right?


There’s so much you can do and it’s up to YOU to find the right balance between exercising and being on a healthy diet that will optimize your vigor and vitality, even as you age!

Don’t put up with feeling achy and having painful joints, do something about it!

Start walking every day, do some stretching exercises, take up yoga or Pilates, or ask someone about strength training exercises. Check the internet, ask for information from your doctor, or check out the local gym. These are all places you can get the information you need to start a healthy lifestyle change that will help you stay fit, healthy, and energized; even as you get into your 60’s and 70’s.

Just because you are approaching your golden years, why settle for gaining weight and getting stodgy?

You don’t have to. Same as the exercise regimen, either get the facts on the internet, check with your doctor,

The Best Lose Belly Fat Exercises Fitness

If you want to reduce the lair of fat across your stomach properly and healthily then a decent nutritional diet plan is going to be absolutely crucial. However, on top of this it is also very important for you to get sufficient amounts of cardio exercise as well. But what exactly are the best lose belly fat exercises that you can engage in fitness gurus don´t like to tell you?

Well, there are certainly some exercises that will burn off your fat far more efficiently than others. These exercises will work by increasing your metabolism, and if done right, your metabolism should stay boosted throughout the day. As such, your body will turn into a furnace that is continually burning off body fat as the minutes and hours role by.

The first exercise that you should consider is high-intensity interval training or HIIT. If you have yet to hear about this particular exercise then you will not know that it is probably the best way to burn fat quickly alongside a proper diet. The protocol involves a number of high-intensity short intervals alternated between periods of low intensity exercise and

Schwinn Exercise Fitness Cycles

If you are searching for a safe, and comfortable way to get fit, then you need look no further than an exercise bike – these are great for helping you to stay fit and healthy. In this article I am going to look at Schwinn exercise bikes in the main, but the information applies to all makes of bikes.

Schwinn offer a good range of bikes so that you will find one that will benefit you, whether you are a beginner, or if you have been working out for years. Exercise bicycles will help in creating strong muscles which will in turn give you a better posture, and will help to stop you from injuring yourself.

If you want to incorporate an exercise bike into a losing weight program, you will be pleased to know that you need only commit to twenty minutes each day on a low stress, low impact bike. So jump onto the bike while you listen to your favorite music, or read a book, or watch tv, even when you are chatting on the telephone. Modern exercise bikes are so quiet that you can easily do

Soccer Exercises

Whatever kind of soccer exercises your working on, the fitness of your players is the key to success. By simply participating in training, players’ physical condition will improve but aside from ball skills and tactics, it’s well-worth paying special attention to activities designed to improve soccer fitness.

Soccer exercises focus on one of the following aspects of fitness:

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

If you want to improve endurance or stamina, you need to work on aerobic exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase the heart rate, speed up breathing and raise body temperature. The most obvious aerobic activity is jogging, which is an excellent choice as a warm-up in any soccer training programme. However, players should also be encouraged to do other stamina-increasing sports, such as swimming, cycling, horse riding or even yoga.

Another characteristic of soccer is that it involves anaerobic activity, which is when energy is expended in short bursts. Fast acceleration and sprinting speed is definitely required of a soccer player, and can be practiced through short sprint activities or by simply incorporating sprint-trot sections into a team jog.

Anaerobic soccer exercises also help to develop strength and can be worked on

Two Keys to Making Exercise Fit

Given the ongoing rise in health care costs, one of the wisest steps you can take is to invest your time, money and energy in preventative care. One of the most cost-effective and time efficient means of preventing disease and disability is exercise. But therein lays one of the great challenges of our era. We know exercise is necessary to ensure a longer, healthier, more vital life and yet most of us hate to exercise or don’t make the time to do so. It’s like a joke I once heard from a seminarian: everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. Exercise may not be perceived as a near death experience by most, but many liken it to visiting the dentist or doing their taxes. In other words, for many, exercise is not inherently enjoyable.

There are two key factors for making exercise an activity that will fit within the hierarchy of all of your other values: time-efficiency and an emphasis on safety. In order to fit with all the other values you devote your time to (work, family, hobbies, charity, school, etc.) exercise should take very little of

Some Startling Revelations About Exercise

I watched a television program the other night about fitness: the program was actually about the latest research into health and fitness.
It centred mainly on research that was being done at the University of Nottingham in the UK.
It had come to some startling revelations about exercise.
The first was that if you don’t exercise the fat levels and cholesterol builds up in your blood stream often to an alarming level. So a sedentary life style was not to be recommended. Any movement was highly beneficial: even standing was to be much preferred to sitting down and standing with a bit of movement had many benefits. The main benefit was that the fat levels and cholesterol levels in the blood dramatically decreased having major health benefits. So any kind of exercise was preferable to none.
So the next question was how much exercise do we really need?
It turns out we don’t need that much: the body has a kind of switch that triggers with a relatively low level of exercise. This switch, once triggered, imparts many benefits to the body such as reducing fat levels and cholesterol and even influences aerobic fitness.
Now, it turns out

Gentle Post Pregnancy Exercises

Post pregnancy fitness exercise should only be carried out when you are ready for physical activities again. Most women wait for at least six weeks after giving birth before engaging in exercises but for some, they begin with their post pregnancy fitness exercise as soon as they feel they are ready.

Post pregnancy fitness exercise should be performed gradually. But before you begin, you need to consult your doctor for an easy exercise that you can perform in the first few weeks after your labor. Doing Kegel exercises is a good way to start because your movements only involves little muscle contractions inside the wall of the vagina and this post pregnancy fitness exercise also promotes strong pelvic muscles.

Also a good post pregnancy fitness exercise is walking. Walking helps your body prepare for a more dynamic exercise. Also, walking can be very relaxing since you are outdoors and breathing fresh air.

For a more gentle post pregnancy fitness exercise, you can try the following:

Pelvic Strengthening Exercise

This exercise is ideal for enhancing blood circulation in the pelvic area. It

Senior Fitness Exercise

For people over 40, and especially over 50, fitness becomes an important consideration if they wish to remain healthy and independent. Four types of exercises are recommended for complete fitness. As with anything regarding your health, you should consult with your doctor before taking on any strenuous activity.

The four recommended types of exercises are: strength, balance, stretching and endurance, and each serves a specific purpose in maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle for seniors over fifty. Strength exercises build up muscles, increases metabolism, and this as you know will keep both your weight and your blood sugar in check. A double bonus.

Balance exercises take care of your leg muscles, building them up. This is important for seniors because it prevents falls. No more need to cry out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Wouldn’t that be nice? Stretching exercises helps you be more active during your later years. Let’s face it. Being a senior doesn’t have to mean planting your bottom on the porch rocking chair, fading away in your twilight years.

Finally, endurance exercises are what most people can and probably are doing on